Football betting has grown into a vast industry today with a turn over worth billions every year. The phenomenon has been on a consistent rise with numerous online sportsbook coming up every year. There are vast sums of money wagered on various football matches and events. If you are new to football betting, there are specific rules and regulations that one must adhere to. The first point of understanding should be about the two types of football bets. The first type is known as points spread and other as totals. In the case of the former, a 50/50 wagering proposition is created, while for the other a bookmaker posts a sum of the points scored by both sides. Wagers are generally placed on these totals.

Apart from these, there are other forms of football betting available as well. One of them is Moneylines, a simple wager involving backing any team to win the match. There are no totals or spreads involved here. The odds are entirely dependent upon the team's relative chances of winning. There is another form of football betting known as props. These are wagers placed on the happenings during the match. Instances of such bets could be the first team to score the goal or the number of field goals kicked. These are generally offered mostly during the high profile matches. Lastly, there is another form of football betting available known as futures. These involve placing of wagers on how the teams would behave during an entire season. These types of bets are generally set during the start of the season.

Now the next question that arises is where do you place your bets. One of the simple and straightforward choices is to use the online betting sites. These are generally very user-friendly, and you can put your wagers from the comfort of your own home. However, always ensure that you are using the right websites.